I am an independent consultant working as a Standards Manager at Fujitsu on the Trustworthiness of the Industrial Internet of Things as well as other projects. I am co-chair of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) Trustworthiness Task Group and have co-authored papers for the Trustworthiness issue of the IIC Journal of Innovation as well as white paper on Key Safety Challenges for the IIoT. I am a co-author and editor of the IIC Security Maturity Model, the IIC Security Framework and also an author of the IIC Vocabulary. I am an alternate on the IIC Steering Committee.

I also act as Treasurer and Finance and Audit Committee Chair of the OASIS Board of Directors, and also Chair the OASIS Governance committee. Previously I was OASIS Chair of the Board, Vice-Chair, and chair of the Staffing and IPR Board Committees.

I have previously contributed at the OMG on the Architecture Board. I have chaired the W3C W3C Devices and Sensors Working Group and co-chaired the Web Annotation Working Group. I have also chaired the XML Security Working Group which has completed its deliverables and is now in maintenance mode.

I have also contributed to other security and identity management standardization activities in a variety of standards organizations. I have a general interest in trustworthiness challenges (security, safety, reliability, resilience, and privacy) posed by innovative and emerging technologies.

I have extensive security, privacy and distributed systems experience, having also previously worked at Nokia, the OSF Research Institute, AT&T Bell Laboratories, BBN, and CertCo as well as smaller companies.