I am an independent consultant, with Fujitsu as one of my clients.

I co-chair the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) Trustworthiness Task Group and have co-authored papers on Trustworthiness for the IIC Journal of Innovation as well as a white paper on safety challenges related to IIoT. I am a co-author and editor of the IIC Security Maturity Model, the IIC Industrial Internet Security Framework and also an author of the IIC Vocabulary. I am an alternate on the IIC Steering Committee.

I also serve on the OASIS Board of Directors as Treasurer and Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee and have previously held other roles on the Board, including Board Chair, Secretary and Chair of the IPR Committee.

I have extensive security, privacy and distributed systems experience, having also previously worked at at Nokia, the OSF Research Institute, AT&T Bell Laboratories, BBN, and CertCo as well as smaller companies. I have previously contributed at the OMG on the Architecture Board and have chaired the W3C Devices and Sensors Working Group, the W3C Web Annotation Working Group. and the W3C XML Security Working Group which has completed its deliverables and is now in maintenance mode.

I have also contributed to other security and identity management standardization activities in a variety of standards organizations. I have a general interest in trustworthiness challenges (security, safety, reliability, resilience, and privacy) posed by innovative and emerging technologies.