An Introduction to SSL/TLS and Certificates


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Table of Contents

An Introduction to SSL/TLS and Certificates

CertCo Overview


Security Issues

TLS: Transport Layer Security

What is TLS?

TLS: Privacy

TLS:Key Exchange

TLS: Integrity

TLS: Integrity

TLS: Authentication

TLS: Overview

TLS: Architecture

TLS: Record Protocol

TLS: Handshake

Handshake Phases

TLS: Hello

TLS: Key Exchange

Public Key Certificates

Validating a Certificate

X.509: Certificate Content

Subject Names

Example Subject Name

Version 3 Certificates

Certificate Signature

TLS: ServerKeyExchange

TLS: Certificate Request

TLS: Client Certificate

TLS: Change Cipher Spec, Finished

TLS: Change Cipher Spec/Finished

TLS: Using a Session

Changes from SSL 3.0 to TLS

TLS: HTTP Application

Web Servers

Other Applications

TLS: Implementation

X.509 Certificate Issues

X.509 Alternative: SDSI

TLS žAlternativesÓ


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Author: Frederick Hirsch